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    I have a 2005 Boxster with ongoing electrical problems that started in ’07 when the ‘tub’ into which the roof folds filled with water after a heavy rain. Tiny drain holes at the bottom can (and do) fill with debris, preventing drainage, and as the water level rises it eventually flows into the passenger area, soaks the floor carpet, and short-circuits a crucial piece of electronics under the driver’s seat. I’ve had this happen three times – once even at the dealership when it was in for replacement of that same electrical unit. Incredibly, there is no overflow designed into the tub, and a Porsche mechanic told me that drainage can be a serious issue, and not just with the soft top models. I still have odd electrical problems, mostly with the circuit for the spoiler and rear trunk release. The circuit blows every so often, and I keep a supply of fuses handy. Sometimes it won’t blow for weeks and weeks, other times it will short out every few days. No mechanic has been able to trace the cause. Does this ring any bells with Porsche owners out there?


    Porsche Dude

    Sounds like thats a general Porsche problem in all models… The 944’s are infamous for their drain lines clogging up and then the water somehow makes its way into the passenger side floor and behind the front seats. I constantly give my drain holes a shot of compressed air to keep them clear being very careful not to blow the drain tube off where it’s attached. Fortunately on the 944’s there is no electronics on the floor…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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